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Nicotine Pouch Reviews

  • 77 nicotine pouches

    77 Nicotine Pouches Product Review

    With such an abundant range of flavours, 77 nicotine pouches are sure to start taking over the market sooner rather than later. It doesn’t hurt that they also offer 4mg,...

    Louise Johnson |

  • Stripe nicotine pouches

    Stripe Nicotine Pouches Product Review

    Stripe nicotine pouches are one of the better offerings on the market for those seeking a robust hit of nicotine. Packing a serious punch of 20mg per pouch, Stripe is...

    Louise Johnson |

  • Lundgrens nicotine pouches

    Lundgrens Nicotine Pouches Product Review

    Lundgrens nicotine pouches are one of the more eco-friendly brands on the market, as they prioritise the use of raw and bio-based materials. And by offering a wide range of...

    Louise Johnson |

  • Fumi nicotine pouches

    Fumi Nicotine Pouches Product Review

    Fumi nicotine pouches are salty, delicious, and 100% unique. By offering a wide range of nicotine-strength varieties, the brand caters to both new pouch users and experienced veterans. If you’re...

    Louise Johnson |

  • Loop nicotine pouches

    Loop Nicotine Pouches Product Review

    Overall, Loop nicotine pouches offer great variety for thrill seekers and spice lovers. Craving a hot kick with lime to cut through the spice? Go for Loop’s Jalapeño Lime nicotine...

    Louise Johnson |

  • HIT nicotine pouches

    HIT Nicotine Pouches Product Review

    HIT is one of the most fearless brands on the market. With a sleek black design and robust nicotine strengths, the brand is unafraid to embrace its inner bad boy....

    Louise Johnson |

  • 4NX nicotine pouches

    4NX Nicotine Pouches Product Review

    Overall, 4NX nicotine pouches offer a little something for everybody. Craving something fruity and minty? Go for 4NX’s Watermelon Ice pouch. Or would you prefer a straightforward wintry blast instead?...

    Louise Johnson |

  • TACJA nicotine pouches

    TACJA Nicotine Pouches Product Review

    TACJA is a huge up-and-comer in the nicotine pouch industry. The brand offers flavours that thrive in terms of both quality and taste. Although the nicotine strengths absolutely cater to...

    Louise Johnson |

  • nordic spirit nicotine pouches

    Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches Product Review

    Nordic Spirit offers a delightful range of mild nicotine-strength pouches. And while the flavour options are sparse, the taste in each pouch is palpable. Overall, testers agreed that Nordic Spirit...

    Louise Johnson |

  • Volt nicotine pouches

    Volt Nicotine Pouches Product Review

    Volt offers a delightful range of lighter and milder nicotine strengths. On top of that, they deliver in spades when it comes to fruity and minty offerings. Overall, there was...

    Louise Johnson |

  • kurwa nicotine pouches

    Kurwa Nicotine Pouches Product Review

    Our taste testers enjoyed the flavour options of Kurwa nicotine pouches, particularly the brand’s fruity and mint-forward varieties. Stephen and Clare would’ve enjoyed some lighter nicotine options, whereas James found...

    Louise Johnson |

  • iceberg nicotine pouches

    Iceberg Nicotine Pouches Product Review

    Iceberg boasts an incredible array of flavours—one of the largest on the market. For that reason alone, it’s no wonder the company has established itself as such a titan of...

    Louise Johnson |

  • nois nicotine pouches

    Nois Nicotine Pouches Product Review

    The wide range of Nois nicotine pouches wowed our taste testers. They came away feeling like Nois had catered to the wants of all sorts of pouch enthusiasts. Overall, there...

    Louise Johnson |