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    Our Values

    Health and Wellness:

    Commitment: We are dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle by offering an effective, reduced risk alternative to smoking and a more environmentally sustainable alternative to vaping.

    Purpose: Our nicotine pouches are specifically designed to help individuals transition away from cigarette use, reducing their exposure to harmful chemicals and supporting their journey towards a smoke-free life.

    Impact: By providing a safer method to consume nicotine, with a 99% reduction in harm vs cigarettes, we aim to reduce the health risks associated with traditional smoking, and the environmental impact from vaping.

    Safety and Responsibility:

    Priority: The safety of our customers is our top priority. Our nicotine pouches are solely to be used as safer alternative to traditional cigarettes and vapes.

    Guidelines: We enforce strict guidelines to ensure our products are used responsibly. Our pouches are intended only for current nicotine users, and we strongly advocate against use by non-nicotine users. We also avoid any practices which may encourage youth uptake and adhere to strict age verification processes to ensure products are not sold to individuals under the legal age limit for nicotine.

    Regulations: We comply with all regulatory standards and work diligently to ensure our products are used appropriately and safely. We also believe that regulation is critical in the category to ensure products are solely designed to target people looking to quit cigarettes and vapes. We support the governments plan to restrict certain flavours, strengths and marketing practices.


    Environmental Impact: Nicotine pouches produce less waste and have a smaller environmental footprint compared to vapes, which require batteries, electronic components and plastic which can’t easily be recycled.

    Materials: We prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials and packaging; the pouches themselves are made of natural fibres which can be composted, and the cans are fully recyclable.

    Practices: Our sustainable practices extend to our entire supply chain, ensuring we minimize our carbon footprint.

    Integrity and Transparency:

    Honesty: We conduct our business with the utmost honesty and integrity, providing clear and accurate information about our products and their intended use.

    Communication: We are transparent about the benefits and limitations of our nicotine pouches, ensuring our customers have all the information they need to make informed decisions.

    Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards, building trust with our customers and stakeholders.

    Customer Focus:

    Customer-Centric: Our customers' needs and well-being guide every decision and action we take. We strive to offer a product that supports their journey towards a smoke-free life.

    Quality: We maintain the highest standards of quality and safety in our products, working only with suppliers and brands who have proven best practices when it comes to quality, safety and marketing practices.

    Support: We provide excellent customer support and education to help our users make informed decisions about nicotine pouches and successfully reduce their dependence on smoking.