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    Nicotine Pouch Strength Guide

    The Two Wombats Strength System

    We wanted to make things easier to understand across all our products. As fellow users, we believe this approach is the best way to figure out how strong each pouch is.

    So, here's how it works in simple terms. There are three concepts that are kinda important:

    1. Strength per mg: This tells you how much nicotine strength is in each milligram of the pouch.
    2. Strength per pouch: This is the overall strength of the pouch, calculated by multiplying the strength per mg with the size of the pouch.
    3. Size of the pouch: Basically, this is just the weight of the pouch.

    If a pouch weighs 1 gram, the strength per pouch is the same as the strength per mg. But if a pouch only weighs 0.50 grams, then a strength per mg of 50 would give you a strength per pouch of 25mg.

    By using this system, we hope to get rid of all the confusion and give you a clearer idea of how strong our pouches really are.